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Basil and it Magical Properties

Herbal Magic of Basil. How to use Basil in your Spells.

by the Witch

There is a herb which reputation made it the most famous plant amongst Greek Houses. It's almost unable to find a house, especially an old one, where you won't find Basil. In stairs, in balconies, in living rooms, almost everywhere a basil reigns. Old Greeks say "basil helps a house to be solid and a family to be healthy".

Herbal Magic of Basil. How to use Basil in your Spells!

It's a common belief that basil brings blessings in everyone in the house and keeps unwanted spirits away maybe more than any other herb in Herbal Magic. Christian Church uses basil in the ceremony to “produce” the Holy Water. Basil is used in one of the Greatest Holiday of Christianity, in 6th of January every year in the feast called "Theophaneia" meaning the Appeared God. In “Theophaneia” the Holy Spirit Cleanses all water (a reference for the cosmic energy?) and there is the Blesses "Great Holy Water" which is used for Cleansing rituals, Banishing demons and All Blessings. Basil is generally used in spells to enhance our best intentions with blessings and to bring almost everything good in our lives. Use this perfect herb for spells for: * protection, * exorcism, * money spells, * to improve your job or even to get a new one, * beauty spells ...and even * love spells! A live basil is a very common gift to newly married couples in order to bring real Love and good luck in every aspect of their lives. It's a key ingredient to most benevolent spells but it's not considered to be a catalyst (like cinnamon for example). This means that the effect of Basil is gentle and not harsh. You must be wondering why don't we use Basil instead of anything else then? The answer is that because of the special nature of this herb, spells with basil requires a routine. Some spellcasters want a sudden change, an instant intervention. Although Basil, as an ingredient, can help with this purpose *as long as it's a benevolent one* you will need to be patient. Make plans to use Basil every Friday for example for three months. You will notice the changes (and yes there will be good ones!!! ) but it's most likely not to happen suddenly. Rub your hands to a live basil and smell them afterwards to awake your memory and drink basil-tea to have sweet and prophetic dreams. As a herb it's associated mostly with Venus and its planetary affects. Cut a branch of basil or use it when Venus is in Taurus or Libra. It's also very helpful for you to drink or use basil when Venus is in a powerful position in your personal horoscope. IN FEW WORDS: Enchant Basil for its Protective properties, Exorcism, Money, Love, Beauty, Health, Prophetic dreams and to enhance Mental clarity.

Important Note

Use Basil with the best intentions and your spells will be unexpectedly successful.