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Sex Spell - How to increase a Man’s Virility

Beltanes Magic - Sexual Spells : Spells, Rituals and Lore of the 1st of May (suitable for both Gay, Bisexual or Straight men)

by the Mage

As we saw in the detailed article of the Magic around Beltane - the Great Rite of Witches (see Related articles) The 1st of May (Beltane in the Celtic tradition and in WICCA) is a sacred Sabbath right in the middle of the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. This is considered a Magical Day of intense sexuality. A day most appropriate for sex magic and fertility spells.

a sexual spell to increase a man's Virility

As mentioned in previous posts Beltane is a great moment to perform spells of sexual interests. Here is a little spell which allegedly can help a man to increase his sex drive.

Things you will need:

Using the Dragon’s Blood ink draw on the piece of paper the sigil show in the picture. On the back side of the paper write your data (that is your name and your birthday).

the Sigil to increase a Man's Virility

Using one of the oils mentioned dress the candle, starting from the middle of the candle to the wick towards you, and then from the middle of the candle to its bottom towards you again.
Doing this you embody to the candle your wish of sexual virility and stamina.

Place the resin on the lit charcoal disk and light the candle.

Place the sigil under the censer.

Summon the God/Spirit/Angel of your choice. Given the day, Dionysus would be an considerable choice, although I wouldn't recommend him as he is very strict. Should I mention that in Euripides’ Bacchae, Dionysus not only punished the ones that didn’t respect him, but also those that thought they were honouring him, but in a way he didn't think to be proper. Use the Orphic hymn if you want to call him in your own risk. God Agni can be another that you can call upon, and you may use the Agni gayatri mantra written in the post about Lord Agni in this site (repeat the mantra 27 or 108 times) or one or several hymns of the Rig Veda dedicated to him.

Then meditate for about fifteen minutes visualising yourself having the virility and stamina you desire. Don’t demand from yourself to become aroused at the moment. Just know that from now on this will be your own ability. Take notice of the individual sense in your body that will prove to you that what you are doing has already started working.

Then open your eyes, thank the God/Spirit/Angel you have called for his help and blow – yes blow – the candle. Repeat every other day till you have the results you desire. I usually blow the candles although many disagree with this method as they believe this to be offensive to the fire. I think the opposite as the spirits of fire and the spirits of air like each other and cooperate very well. Even more during the Beltane season that the Air marries the Fire.

Please do remember, this ritual is not supposed to replace any treatment you already do in case that your problem is of medical nature. If this is the case continue the treatment your doctor suggested and this ritual will make your way easier.