Spirit World#Prometheus

Prometheus, the wise Firebringer and Mankind's Benefactor

Summon Prometheus during the Winter Solstice, the Great Fire Bringer


by the Alchemist

Prometheus (Προμυθεύς Pro-metheus the Fore-thinker as his name means in Greek) is a Titan. Titans are a race of Gods older than the Olympians, sons and daughters of Gaia and Uranus.  Prometheus was the son of the Titan Iapetus and Clymene (or Asia, or Themis) daughter of Oceanus, the Ocean. Prometheus brother was Epimitheus, Atlas and Menoetius. Prometheus took part in the ancient war of Olympians against the Titans, the Titanomachy (War / Clash of the Titans) but he stood with Zeus and helped him. This is why Prometheus was part of the Olympians Gods. 

Prometheus created the human kind with mud (earth and water) and fire so that they look like the Gods, while Athena (Minerva), the Goddess of Wisdom helped him by giving mankind the gift of Logic and Intelligence (air). This legend describes the four elements of the World which were used in balance to create Mankind. And also according to Orphics, the worshipers of Orpheus, the mud Prometheus used was soaked with the blood of the killed Titans. This implies that Humans have Divine energy flowing in them and the are descendants of the Gods.