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Flying Potion

Tonight Witches ... we Fly! How to Make and How to use a Flying Potion


by the Alchemist

Flying ointments and potions are so frequently discussed in Wicca / Witchcraft forums that one could easily guess that it’s a simple procedure and a very well known one. Well we are here to tell you the truth about Witchcraft so the truth is that the recipes of Flying ointments and potions achieving this purpose are extremely rare and can only be found written in dusty Books of Shadows hidden from Witches in the darkest places so that no one could find them, especially their prosecutors or the naive ones.

You see, these “magical instruments” were not commonly used as they were quite dangerous (because they contained poisonous, psychotropic substances which helped the witches immediately alter their state of consciousness - read more here in Belladonna, the Deadly Nightshade ) and moreover they were used in order to meet in the Astral Plane to celebrate Sabbats and of course by-pass the actual gathering which could possible lead to holocaust in the Dark Burning Times of the Witches. 

The ones who tried to gather the power of the Witches (and of course use it for their own purposes) accused the Witches that these ointments and potions were in fact, Satanic presents, which the dark lord gave to the witches in order to meet with them. The truth of course is by far different. 

There are numerous Historical References which prove that these “magical instruments” were used by the Witches to enhance their psychic abilities and help them travel to other Realms in order to consult with Deities - especially Artemis/Diana Goddess of the Moon, Fairies, Spirits and/or other fellow Witches. Covens usually drunk from the same potions/brews or used the same flying ointment in order to “meet” during the Witching Hour. 

So ready to make a safe to use Flying Magic Potion  (unless you are pregnant or allergic to one of more of the following ingredients). 

Why to use this potion: 

To enhance your Vivid Dreams
To make Astral Projection easier - an every night Experience 
To travel and explore other Realms
To meet and consult with Deities and Wise spirits 

How to prepare it: 

On waxing Moon collect  the following ingredients and place them in a glass jar with lid. 

2 parts Rose Petals (Rose is considered to be the Gateway to other Realms - read more about Rose here
1 part Mugwort (it has been widely used to enhance magical powers and help witches “fly” - read more about mugwort here)
1 part Bay Leaves (Apollo’s priests and priestesses used this magic herb to help them transcend the Realms and consult with the God of Prophecies, Arts and Magic - read more about Bay Laurel magic here
1 part Dittany of Crete (it helps to open the Third Eye and improve our Magical Abilities) 

How to make it:

Once you’ve gathered the herbs close the glass jar with the lid, carve a Pentacle above the Lid and place a Moonstone (read here more about the Moonstone ). 

The First time you try the Potion let it be on the Night of the Full Moon. Go out with a bowl of Water and let the moon reflect in the Waters. Know at this time that you charge it with the powers of the Moon. This is the easiest way to create Moon Water. (see here more details about Moon Water - Lunar Water) Boil the water and pour it on a cup with a tea spoon of our mixture. Leave it for 3 minutes and strain. Add honey (lavender or flower honey - read why here) - optional. 

Tonight witches… we Fly!