How to become irresistible

Ancient Indian Magic to become Irresistible 

by the Mage

Here we are going to see a simple spell which can help us become irresistible. It utilizes some of the most fundamendal magic traditions of India.

First write on a piece of paper, or a copper leaf, the following square - yantra (look at the pic below) 

Place the yantra between two red candles, and offer to it some red flowers, and honey or other sweets. Also, offer some incense such as rose.

Then, sit comfortably having the yantra in front of you and repeat the following mantra 108 times.

Om Kamadevaye vidmahe
Pushpvanaye dimahi
Tanno Kama(h) pratchodayat

While doing so, let yourself to be blessed by the radiant charisma of the God, and become one with it.

I would recommend to use the Sanskrit version, but I’ll give you the translation to know what you are actually saying:

Om let’s get to know the God Kama.
To him who shouts arrows of flowers let’s meditate upon and become one with his energies.
May Kama bless us and guide us.

Lord Kama is a Hindu deity, son of the Great God Vishnu, and is his charm is, of course, irresistible, but, as said, is a God, so, this spell will work equally well for men and women.

So, be irresistible and have fun!