Saturn Retrograde

What happens when Saturn is Retrograde. Things to do and how to proceed 

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Spirit WorldLitha

Litha Deities

Gods, Goddesses and Spirits to Celebrate and Tap into their power for the Summer Solstice. By Nixie Vale

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SpellbookElemental Magic

Morning Ritual for Energy and Good Luck

an express morning ritual to have blessings, success and protection all day powered by the Four Celestial Spirits of the four Elements 

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AstrologyPlanet Vibes

Tuesday , May 23, 2017

Saturn the planet of Patience from Sagittarius trines Uranus the planet of Independence from Aries. This harmonious aspect will bring luck and success to all Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius as the hard work finally pays off. This is a very good time to prove to yourself and others that your effort it extremely valuable.

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